Division One Final

First Leg
Hills 6 - Riverlakes 0
Bright Thongsom def Nathan Baker 2up
Zubair Firdaus def David Cassisy 5&4
Yugi Sekito def Hayden Pace 6&4
Jett Bodhiatta def. Michael Carruthere 5&4
Bhavnet Sohal /Amadeus Susanto  def. Susanto Derek Tate/Vaughan Clarke   7 & 5
Thiha Myo Set/Jordan Hampson  def.  Brett Baker/ Matt Pitty  3&1

Second Leg
Riverlakes 1.5 vs Hills 4
David Cassidy SQ Brighth Thongsom
Derek Tate def by. Zubair Firdaus 4&3
Hayden Pace def Jordan Hampson 1up
Michael Carruthers def by. Jett Bodhidatta
Vaughan Clarke/ Tony Denlay def by. Bhavi Sohal/Amadaus Susanto 1up
Brett Baker/Matt Pitty def by. Malcom Ting/Thiha Mo Set 1up
Hills win Final 10.5 - 1.5

Division Two Final

First Leg
Windaroo Black 5 - Windaroo White 1
Todd Smith def by. Joe Morris  1up
Corey Smith def Quincy Rukuata-WIlliams 2&1
Adrian McDonald def Jason Weir 4&2
Brad Zappelli def Dylan Allen 1up
Tim Mortenson/Mike Rosnetreter def. Gavin Dennis/Ian Barney 1up
Daniel Travers Jones/ Jason Davidson def . John McWatters/Nick Martin 7&6

Second Leg
Simon Larrescy def by Joe Morris 2&1
Corey Smith def by Quincy Rukuata-Williams 4&3
Adrian MacDonald def Jason Weir 2&1
Brad Zappelli def Dylan Allen 2&1
Mike Rosentreter/Tim Mortenson def Ian Barney/Troy Morone 6&5
Daniel Travers Jones/JasonDavidson def by Tony Zulke/John McWatters 2&1

Windaroo Black win 8 matches to 4 over Windaroo White

Division Three Final

First Leg
Bay Islands 5 - Windaroo Black 1
Damien Leonard def. Geoff McLean 1up on 19th
Elliot Mead def by Ryan Pierce 1up on 19th
Jim Broughton def. Joe Stoyko 1up on 19th
Nigel McLachlan def Nathan Smee 2&1
Laurie Flemming/Kevin O'Malley def. Trent Green/Shayne Alexander 5&4
K Holmes/Jim Hall def. Joshua Napier/Logan Campbell 5&4

Second Leg
Windaroo Black 5 vs Bay Islands A 1
Geoff McLean def. Damien Leonard 5&3
Kevin Dilks def by. Elliot Mead 5&4
Ryan Pierce def. Alan Felix 3&2
Shane Alexander def. Nigel McLachlan 5&3
Logan Campbell/Dane Casey def. Lee Petersen/Laurie Flemming 5&3
Trent Green/Nathan Smee def. Kerry Holmes/Jim Hall 4&3

Aggregate score over the 2 weeks was 6-6. Sudden death was required to decide the winner with Geoff McLean from WIndaroo battling it out against Elliot Mead from Bay Islands. Geoff calmly slotted in a two
put par on the second playoff hole.

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