The SEQDGA seeks to collaborate with clubs in the district and other key stakeholders to introduce children to golf and to provide development pathways

The SEQDGA’s key goals are to:
  • Introduce juniors to golf
  • Deliver opportunities for basic competition
  • Deliver opportunities for advanced competition
  • Build club capacity to support juniors
  • Build Governance

In achieving these goals the SEQDGA works in collaboration with organisations including:

  • Golfs clubs within our district who maintain junior programs, Golf Australia (Qld), other district organisations including the BDGA, BDLGA, GCDGA and WGGC

The SEQDGA currently is engaged in a wide range of strategies aimed at achieving the goals noted above.

These strategies include:

  • Providing opportunities for children to first experience golf in their community through the Park Project
  • Encourage clubs to develop pathway competitions for juniors to accommodate advancing skill levels
  • Co-ordinate a yearly SEQDGA Junior League Tour event for players <12y.o.
  • Co-ordinate a yearly Junior League teams competition for players <12 y.o. in conjunction with Golf Australia
  • Co-ordinate a yearly inter-district Junior League event for Junior League players
  • Co-ordinate a yearly intra-district junior pennants competition
  • Conduct a yearly district junior championships
  • Provide annual financial grants to clubs to assist in advancing their junior golf programs
  • Subsidise junior golfers' participation at the annual Hills Golf Academy junior golf camp
  • Co-ordinate Junior Co-ordinator meetings for the purpose of information sharing, planning & co-ordination
  • Share pertinent information regarding junior golf with clubs within the district
  • Work with golf clubs to ensure that they have in place plans to facilitate sustainable and progressive junior programs
  • Ensure that appropriate junior risk management strategies are in place at club level
  • Ensure that appropriate junior risk management strategies are in place at district level
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