2020 Pennants


Dear SEQDGA Clubs, Pennant Managers and Captains,

Further to the previous email circulated on 25 March as outlined below, the SEQDGA Board has reached a decision this week to cancel the 2020 SEQDGA Pennant Season due to the impacts caused by the COVID-2019 (coronavirus) pandemic.

I appreciate this decision may be received with disappointment from clubs and players, however the health, safety and well-being of our members and their families continues to be the priority for the SEQDGA Board and must continue to be our focus at this time.  The SEQDGA Board have decided that all entry fees paid for the 2020 season will be carried forward to the 2021 season for the teams that are nominated for the pennant competition.  The SEQDGA Board will provide a refund of fees for clubs who nominate a reduced number of teams for the 2021 pennant season, at the commencement of the 2021 season.

I would ask that any further enquiries regarding this decision be directed back via this email account rather than emails, phone calls or text messages to other Board Members, so these can be considered and responded to in a coordinated manner.


Adrian Paterson
SEQDGA Secretary


Division 1 Standings -

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